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Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to safeguarding our environment, not even the cars and especially the ones using the combustion engines as they contribute significantly to green gas emissions. There are several regulations in place regarding emissions and all EU members are supposed to follow.

Italy has at times found herself at loggerheads with her neighbor Germany regarding this rules and their enforceability. Sometimes early 2017, the European Commission released a press statement on the matter as it was about to embark on an infringement procedure after Italy was accused of breaching the EU rules.

Actions Towards Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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This had happened after claims that there was insufficient action taken against some car types especially Fiat Chrysler Automobiles which seemed to have flouted the car emission rules. The EU laws require country’s to police car types and make sure they meet all EU standards before the cars are sold. If a manufacturer is deemed to have breached the legal requirement, the government should take action which could include recalling the vehicles and imposing penalties.

The European Commission is dedicated to this course and monitors closely whether the member states are following the laid down procedures. It’s upon this that Italy found itself on the receiving end for purportedly not adhering to the rules. It is said that the Volkswagen Group had used some defeat devices software which goes contrary to the legal requirements.

Actions Towards Device Manufactures

But not all defeat devices are deemed wrong, if the manufacturer justifies the reasons for the device-like if the device is used to protect the engine, then there is no breach of the law. There are published guidelines by the commission to help member states evaluate the use of defeat devices and determine whether they are justified.
Italy has seen itself struggle with this rule a bit with allegations coming from different sources on its laxity. German has not helped the situation only making it look dire when it claimed Fiat Chrysler is breaching emission rules and therefore should be recalled. This didn’t go well with Italy which led to the Transport Minister Graziano Delrio firing back that Italy is a sovereign state which should not receive any orders.

But the minister went on to order tests for all the cars from all the brands sold in Italy. Testing vehicles for emission are meant to make them more environment-friendly which boosts consumer confidence. The major gases that are tested include nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide which are not supposed to exceed certain levels.