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We try to answer one bold question, what can we do for Italy? And the answer comes from what we are passionate about, our environment and therefore we have a unique attachment to our environment and we no doubt will forever commit to having it kept in its original state as much as it can be possible. We mean it ‘as much as it can be possible’ because we believe in possibilities.

Degrading our environment can take different shapes and green gas emission is one of them, so ours is to say no to green gas emissions as the first step. Everybody has something that he or she can do to give back to the society but there’s nothing that can measure up to conserving our environment because that’s where life begins. And if you have no respect for life all other efforts are in futile.

Impact Amplifiers Looking For Environment Enthusiast
Impact Amplifiers Looking For Environment Enthusiast

Environment Conservative Individuals

We are a not-for-profit people who connect with the environment and therefore we feel we have a course and an agenda to put forward regarding Italy and the green energy. And this agenda can well be articulated through making available comprehensive information on a number of topics that touch on Italy’s progress towards green energy. We are rife to the fact that Italy has made a remarkable progress in achieving green energy and complying with the European Commission regulations, but what has been done is just a small portion of what needs to be done. If we were to look at the investments towards the green energy sector, we are left to wonder whether the government is putting its priorities right.
How much are the investments towards exploiting all the potential for green energy? We must come to the realization that you cannot harvest where you have not planted and therefore enough resources should be committed towards this course.

Non Profit Poeple Lover For Green Environment

As a not-for-profit people and lovers of green energy it’s important that we remain objective and that’s why we start by highlighting and

Italian Environment
Italian Environment

reporting on the various progress and projects undertaken without much criticism. This is because ours is not to point fingers or give direction, it’s to have our voice heard in the most civilized manner and we do it in all available media forums and blogs. By remaining objective we are therefore able to report on the various environmental issues without taking a side or getting influenced.

We, therefore, could encourage everybody to join us and together we all work together towards conserving our environment.

Italy is one of the most gifted countries in the world and we have been able to overcome almost any challenges that come our way. Not many countries have been able to survive without nuclear energy for the production of electricity especially in the developed world, but Italy has and still soldiers on, It’s this kind of tenacity that should give us more energy to keep fighting for a green energy and a conserved environment. If all of us played our rightful role on this, then the world would be a better place, so whatever you do and whoever you are know you have a role to play in conserving the environment. Do you role expecting no human to reward you for this is not for human, it’s for life and once you conserve the environment it rewards you with sweet more years.

But remember if you destroy the environment, the environment will kill you! It’s that serious.